The 28 Day (Flirty) Haiku Challenge

I did something really similar to this in 2006 with my friend Darren. It was fun and creative and really “doable” and I wanted to do it again.


Because I found it was fantastic for increasing creativity and strategic thinking. Yet doing it in a light, fun and totally “doable” way.

3 lines. 17 syllables.

Even on the tough days it’s still totally able to get done! And I am a HUGE fan of setting ourselves up for success! Little wins add up to massive change. Just like a little apple seed becomes a big tree, with more seeds, and more trees!

So since I have been feeling like I am in a bit of a creativity slump…like my neurons just aren’t firing as fast as they can…

I’m gonna do this.

I hope you will too!

Now while some people may want to argue the details of what makes a haiku a haiku, for the purpose of this challenge the definition will be:


  1. Three lines
  2. Syllable count of 5 – 7 – 5

That said, haikuists will get bonus points for also incorporating…

  1. Juxtaposition, or an element of surprise
  2. Seasonal reference (doesn’t need to be the current season)

The Process:

  • Each day I will send you 2 random words
  • Your “flirty” haiku MUST incorporate that day’s 2 random words.
  • You have until you go to bed that night to post your flirty haiku

For the porno-lovers: Wit and innuendo are HIGHLY PRIZED in this challenge. If you don’t know what that means then please don’t bother signing up for this 28 Day Challenge. “Flirty” doesn’t mean in your face vulgarity. People repeatedly posting in-your-face-porno-style will be removed.

The 28 Flirty Haiku Challenge STARTS AUGUST 1st

Join us and SIGN UP NOW. It’s going to be fun, and free, and really good for challenging your mind to stay “quick and creative focused!”

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