How does this work?

Typically I only work with clients in a series of sessions, but for the next month or so I have decided to open up my calendar for smaller commitments – including solo sessions!

If you are in the United States we will meet via the phone. International clients will meet via Skype audio.

While a headset is not required for our calls – it’s helpful. The option to place your phone on speaker phone also works well.

To get the most out of your session time it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you are in a quiet space with no distractions, where you would feel comfortable to close your eyes.

What are sessions like?

They are like having a best friend who’s in your corner AND will tell it to you straight… but who’s also your “secret weapon” in helping you overcome the subconscious blocks holding you back in life.

My #1 goal in every session is to help you create yourself and your life into something you are freaking excited to wake up and DO!

Sessions include 15-25 minutes of “chat time”  – which may include some strategic coaching suggestions, books, and audios to explore later – followed by me guiding you into your own custom created 7-12 minute guided “Meditation Mini.”

Do I get a recording?

Absolutely! During our call I will record the hypnotic guided meditation portion (only!) and send you the audio file – ensuring you can re-listen to your customized Meditation Mini as often you you want and need.

What’s the cost?

Solo Sessions are currently $135  GET SOLO
Three (3) Packs are currently $390 BUY 3 PACK
Five (5) Packs are currently $625 BUY 5 PACK

Solo sessions require a minimum of a $35 deposit at the time of booking.

Packages require full payment at the time of booking.

If you are not sure about going “all in” on a package, feel free to snag a solo session to start. We can always add on 2 or 4 more sessions at the slightly discounted package rate after our first call.

What do I need to do to get started?

That’s easy! Just pick your session type to find a time on my calendar.


Please keep in mind…

Solo Sessions and 3 Packs are offers I have not typically offered throughout the year.

I only work with 10-12 clients Phone/Skype clients a week so if you want to do this I suggest you grab your time with me now. 🙂

What if I have a question about sessions that’s not covered here?

Drop me a note at with your question(s) and we can take it from there.