Support the Show

Hey! Thanks so much for clicking on that tab/link to find out different ways you can support the podcast (and upcoming albums!)

You are awesome for that!

Currently the Meditation Minis Podcast is supported by short pre-show ads, no more than one live-read “sponsored by” message per show, ad-free monthly listener subscriptions, and the occasional (sometimes monthly!) checks and gifts of support from listeners just like you.

If you have found value in this podcast there are several different ways you can support the show. Like most things in life there isn’t a right or wrong way – so just choose what works for you! 🙂

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscriptions to the announcement and ad-free version of the podcast help tremendously by allowing the show to budget. At the same time, they allow you, the listener, to get your meditation on without the announcements or ads. 🙂 Monthly subscriptions are currently $10 and include 20 past episodes along with each month’s new additions.

“One Off” Audio Purchases

Have you found a few favorite episodes, but just aren’t ready to go all in for the monthly subscription? Now you can grab your favorite episodes announcement ad-free for only $2 each.

Financial Support

To contribute via check or money order (to ensure that the work gets every cent), or to send needed equipment or gifts, please send to the following address:

Chel Hamilton 
1255 N Hamilton Rd  #86 
Gahanna, OH 43230-6785
United States
Please make checks payable to Chel Hamilton

Needed Equipment, and Wish List

At the request of listeners I have created a “wish list” on Amazon of needed equipment and helpful gifts.

And last but not least…tell your friends about the show.

YOU are the Meditation Minis marketing department!

You are an important part of this project. If it weren’t for you being a listener there wouldn’t be a show at all. So no matter how you choose to do so, thank you for your support!

(BTW – If you ever hear POST show ads playing please write me and let me know as there should not be turned on, but sometimes someone at my hosting company flips the wrong switch. Also, if you ever hear a pre-show ad for alcohol or fast food or non-healthy stuff please also write me and let me know so I can have them nix those too: Thanks!)