Chel Hamilton

Hi! I'm Chel (like a 🌊🐚) and I make things that help people relax ⛱️ get clear 💡 and then get back to kickin'ass 👊 in life 💟 with more 🌈 joy, 🎉 fun, and 😌 ease!!

If that sounds like something you would like to do 🙋👋 then you are in the right place! 🌟 Some things I charge 💵 for but most of my work is available for 🆓 free 🆓

Not sure where to start?🤔

I invite 💌 you to chill with a few episodes of my guided 🧘 meditation podcast 🎧 first because they are short, and free! 💕 🤗

Listen now - or Subscribe & Save for later.

10-ish minutes ⏱️ is all you need and you can find it here 👇 👇 👇

Looking for some longer meditations? 🧘🏻

Stream 3 tracks from my "Tranquility" album on Apple Music or Amazon Music.

Or buy it and get 3 EXTENDED tracks (18-20minutes) too! 😴 🛌 😊

Looking for something else? Try heading to -- or -- email me