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The Keys to Transform your Impact 

Join me for this FREE ONLINE EVENT. Dive into keys to making money and making a huge impact in the world - while living your life’s purpose. Sign up NOW - All the goodness begins MONDAY! 

My friend Alexa Henderson has gathered 21 business, entrepreneurial, and creative experts (including me!) who are speaking candidly about the number one thing that has transformed their impact, and sharing the winning formulas and practices to their success and prosperity in this interview series, 

Some of the topics that will be covered in this series: 

  • How to make money with your creative and entrepreneurial ventures 
  • Mindset strategies that will jet-fuel your success 
  • How to attract, rather than sell your business or product 
  • The keys to successfully leverage your impact 
  • How to balance your energy in a burnout culture 
  • Instant relationship and credibility formula to secure Angel investors to fund your business and creative ventures 
  • Marketing strategies that are WORKING RIGHT NOW that any business owner can use to quickly grow their business 

These interviews are real, short, and to the point conversations with thought-leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs who have created massive impact and made millions. Here are just a handful of the speakers you will hear from: Kyle Wilson, Ken McArthur, Lisa Haisha,  Quddus Phillipe, and mee!

Join me for “Transform Your Impact” and empower yourself with the keys to make a massive difference in the world, make money, and live your life’s purpose here:

(It's FREE!) 

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