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Hey, I know this is where I’m supposed to sound all clinical and professional as I calculate how to present whatever “truth”  might be sweeter for the masses…


…But that’s just not me.

You see, I don’t believe in candy coatings, B.S., or selling a soul just to pay for a latte.

Which reminds me of a great clip of Billy Idol I saw once…

As I recall it Billy Idol was doing a TV interview show, and some fan called in and was giving Billy crap about leaving his previous band (the punk band Generation X).

This guy, angry with Billy’s mainstream-popular solo career, called Billy Idol a sell out. (gasp!)

Billy didn’t miss a beat. He said in his uber-cool tough guy english accent…

“Yeah, I sold out. Sold out bloody stadiums.”

(Lip snarl. Snap. CLICK.)

It was hot.

If I could find the clip online I would post it. But I couldn’t. If you find it, PLEASE send the link to me and I will worship your uber-coolness forever.

I think Billy brought up a two good points with that sexy lip snarl smack down…

Growing out of one band and into a new groove is never anything to apologize for, and doing work that people like is NOT being a sell out.

(But staying in his previous band, doing work that his heart was no longer into, would have been!)

As humans we are meant to grow, to change, to evolve.

A plant that does not grow is dead – Life requires change.

But sometimes we get a little stuck…

…Or scared to move forward.

And that’s where I come in!

My favorite thing in the entire world to do is to help people just like you:

  • Get  “unstuck” (and then…)
  • Keep you confidently on track, excited, and motivated (until you…)
  • Reach your awesome (life changing!) goals for you

It’s what puts the sugar in my britches, every day.

Creating Solutions That Really Work

By utilizing a combination one-two-punch of simple conscious actions steps AND deep subconscious shifts through hypnosis – you  will learn how to engage both parts of your (beautifully powerful but sometimes crazy making!) mind to overcome the obstacles to your goals once and for all.

Scientific Research over “Common Sense”

I’m all about setting aside the common sense suggestions offered by most self-help experts and looking to the latest (and best) scientific research instead.

Solutions to clear out the negative habits, thoughts, and the excuses that are keeping you stuck so you can focus on what’s important, recreate your life, and find happiness.

Many experts tell you things that “sound good.”

I will share with you solutions that have been scientifically proven to work.


…is where I meet with people just like you – either through my blog posts, live courses online, hypnosis audios, self study courses, or a very limited number of one-on-one private online hypnotherapy sessions – to create the change you crave.

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