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Hi. I'm Chel (like a sea shell).  I'm a guided meditation artist focused on helping modern busy people get calm and clear so they can create a more joyful life.

A freakin' joyful life, actually. One of greater ease, smiles, and flow.

But the First Step to joy is Calm Centeredness - because without calm centeredness it's impossible to get truly clear on what you want to do next in life. And that's Step Two: Clarity. Being clear opens you up to ALL the possibilities from which you may choose. Then you choose, LEAP, and DO! Because it is only in the doing of life where you create the joy, meaning, fun, and purpose you were meant to live.

Fully alive. Freakin' joyful. Open to the magic and mysteries of this amazing planet spinning in the vast void of space. 

Calm. Clarity. Action!

Are you ready? If so, I would like to invite you to begin by diving into a few episodes of my show... the "Meditation Minis Podcast." No rules, just pick whichever episode title speaks to you most in the moment you are in.

Listen now here...
(It's free!)